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About Us

Women are a beautiful creation of God. They are born with a natural beauty. The beauty often gets dull due to the accumulation of oil and dirt. They need to be removed at regular intervals to keep the skin clean and fresh. Women also want to look more beautiful on various occasions. In her wedding day, a woman wants to look very much glamorous. The solution to all these is proper beauty treatment. There are various beauty parlours in and around Kolkata where various beauty treatments are done. Xplore Ladies Beauty Salon & Spa was established in Kolkata by Mr. Saikat Choudhury in the year 2013. Here all types of beauty treatments for ladies are done. We have different facilities such as good and relaxing chairs, shampoo stations, pedicure/manicure sections, separate facial rooms, bridal/make-up room and hair treatment zone. The beauticians are well trained and get training on regular basis to keep them upgraded with the latest trends. The emphasis is to provide good service at affordable price. We maintain cleanliness and use disposable materials wherever necessary. The skin products used here are of reputed companies.